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This year we are offering a very special bundle. You get the PHP Package Development video course and Tinkerwell for only $59!

More than 1.500 developers already learned how we develop and maintain 100+ PHP packages and are using this knowledge in their own work daily. Our packages have more than 18.000.000 downloadsโ€“so we know what we are doing. If you haven't heard about Tinkerwell yetโ€“check out what the community is saying about it here. Since the launch three weeks ago, 1.000+ developers bought a license and we are getting awesome feedback every day.

The Black Friday deal is gone โ€“ but we still offer a Tinkerwell + Package Development Pro Bundle

PHP Package Development Pro

  • Full access to the PHP Package Development course

Tinkerwell + PHP Package Development Pro

  • 1 Tinkerwell macOS license
  • Full access to the PHP Package Development course

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