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Launching Early 2019

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Package development - and why you should care

“I think I implemented this somewhere before, let me check some old projects...“

Have you ever heard youself saying something like this in one of your projects? I know that it happened to me a lot of times!

When I was given a task at my job, I would usually go and search for an available open-source package on packagist.org - and if nothing that suited the needs was available, I would go and build the solution for the specific problem I was given.

A lot of times, usually a couple of weeks or months later, I had to solve a similar problem and found myself copying parts of the code that I've written earlier.

Maybe I had to tweek the code a little bit, but at the end I was duplicating my existing solution.

Freek Van der Herten

Start to think in packages

That's when I began to think of my code as packages. That's also where most of my open source packages come from. It's stuff that I built and use in real-world applications in my day job.

And it's not about open source!
If you do not care about open source, or simply are required to close the source for whatever reason, building packages will still benefit you, your team-members and your employer.

There are so many benefits when you start encapsulating your code into smaller, more manageable chunks of packages:

  • You structure your code so that it becomes more manageable
  • Your code becomes easier to test
  • You can document packages easier than a full-blown application
  • Have re-usable software components for future use
  • Open Source your code and benefit from the PHP community

And many more.

The course I wish existed years ago

PHP Package Development will teach you everything that I've learned about good package design, along with tips on how to get started with open sourcing your package, how to make use of automated tests and much more.

I really think this is a course that every PHP developer should be exited about - I am!

About Me

I am Marcel, managing partner and developer at Beyond Code, guest instructor at Laracasts. I'm building custom Laravel web applications and BotMan - the most popular open source PHP chatbot framework in the world.

You're in good company

Over the last 7 years I have created more than 100 open source packages for myself, my company, or my own Chatbot framework.

The packages have been downloaded more than 4.4 million times, found it's way into the Laravel Core and are being used in countless of applications all over the world.

  • botman/botman
  • mpociot/laravel-apidoc-generator
  • beyondcode/laravel-websockets
  • beyondcode/laravel-self-diagnosis
  • beyondcode/laravel-er-diagram-generator

Publishing your package

Whether you are going to open source your package, or rather keep it to yourself, this video course will show you how to make use of automated continuous integration systems like TravisCI for automated testing or StyleCI for automated code-formatting.



As you may know, I am a big Laravel enthusiast and most of my open source efforts are centered around the Laravel framework.

That's why this course will not only cover framework-independent packages, but also add in-depth tutorials on how to create great packages, tailored specifically for Laravel. Making use of custom routes, service providers, views, commands and much more.

PHP Package Development

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